Your Best Recruitment Tool Is Your Employment Brand

In our fast-paced digital world, it seems there are countless outlets and mechanisms claiming to be the premier tool for recruiting top talent It’s true, sourcing great talent can take many forms. But understanding which avenues are right for building your candidate pool and talent pipeline requires knowing the right combination for your business.

The right mix of hunting and attracting talent can give you the flexibility to more easily find and engage with those people who would be a great fit at your company. And whether it’s seeking out the right talent through searching, networking or list building, or attracting potential candidates through targeted branding activities, the goal is to drive candidate engagement and build talent communities to produce high quality candidates who will fit well within your organization. But central to all of these efforts is the message behind your employment brand.

So how does employment branding fit within the larger picture of recruiting and creating a smarter workforce? Employment branding sets the scene for creating, maintaining and promoting an organizational culture that helps attract and retain top talent for your company. Your genuine, authentic culture is the foundation for a sound sourcing and recruitment strategy to help you improve the quality of candidates, predict individual performance and engage new hires. This will help you facilitate processes for sharing knowledge and collaborating, listening to employees on what most engages them, managing performance and maximizing individual contributions—and then measuring workforce outcomes across the organization.

Part of what makes up the expression of your employment brand is the employee value proposition (EVP). An employee value proposition is built from research and can be used as the foundation for your company’s attraction methods. It can also serve as the foundation for many internal initiatives to help strengthen the culture and elevate the internal story of your organization through each initiative. The employee value proposition helps impact your organization’s:

  • Recruitment strategies
  • Attraction methods
  • Career site development
  • Onboarding initiatives
  • Engagement initiatives
  • Learning initiatives
  • Leadership development and training
  • Recognition programs
  • Referral programs

Even further, the creative expression of the employee value proposition becomes a two-fold resource for your business—working to retain current employees and attract quality candidates. First, the EVP becomes the foundation for engaging current employees to help shape the culture, and provides a tangible expression of the things that employees experience and perceive while working in your organization.

Second, the EVP becomes the foundation for attracting the right candidates. It can be used to build a career site that educates candidates on the culture of the organization, can be the basis for cultural videos and fit quizzes that help candidates further explore your culture and self-select themselves in or out of the hiring process, and can also serve as the branding foundation for recruitment marketing and advertising campaigns that express the EVP in unique ways to attract quality candidates.

So before you jump on the next recruiting bandwagon, don’t forget to take a look at the strength of your own employment brand. Because it’s the best tool you’ve got to uncover, attract and retain high quality talent—helping you create a higher performing workforce.