You Get What You Pay For: 3 Key Reasons to Invest In a Quality Career Site

When it comes to consumer goods or services, most people would agree that the old adage, ‘You get what you pay for’ is right on. We expect that higher-end products are typically of better quality. So why don’t we think in this same manner when it comes to creating and maintaining a career site that attracts and connects with top talent? Yes, we all want a good deal. And yes, finding value in something is critical. But when is the last time you took the opportunity to determine if your career site is actually working? Have you cut corners on your site to save on time, money or resources? And have you considered the adverse impact that a low-quality or poorly managed site can have on your talent attraction initiatives?

What a quality career site looks like

Before I give you our top three reasons why investing in a career site is worth every penny, let’s take a look at what a quality career site includes:

  • Navigation: A top-notch career site features around five to seven key areas that provide important information relative to your organization and encourages application. Categories such as About Us, Our Culture, Work Areas/Job Families, Geographic/Industry Specifics and Apply pages are essential.
  • Content: Quality career sites also include strategic text, images and videos that build context around the candidate experience. Developing and maintaining your site requires your content to be relevant, timely, consistent and on-theme.
  • Design: Quality design for your career site means you ensure brand consistency to your organizational culture, provide strong visual presence and styling, compel users to spend time navigating the site and encourage candidates to apply through a clear call to action.
  • Optimization: Part of the strategy behind developing an effective career site is making pages user-friendly for search engines. So considering search trending, search engine optimization (SEO), usability and compliance issues is key.
  • Social Integration: Quality career sites must effectively incorporate and integrate social and digital media into the site. From social plug-ins on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to ATS APIs that allow feeds to be integrated into Facebook, social integration is key to build your long-term candidate pool.

The top three reasons to invest

So now that you know what makes up a quality career site, rate yourself. How are you doing in each of these areas? My guess is that you’re starting to see the value of working with an employment branding partner who can effectively create, develop and manage your career site for you. But to further reinforce this point, here are our top three reasons why investing in a quality site can make such a difference for your business:

  1. All roads lead to your career site.You might not think of your career site as the driving force behind recruitment, but it should be the hub of all your talent attraction efforts. Your career site represents the place where active and passive candidates can interact first-hand with your brand—no matter how they arrived there. Whether they came through social, found you through your recruitment marketing or by personal connection, your career site is the epicenter for explaining your employment brand and helping candidates understand what it’s like to work there.
  2. You can’t afford to lose out on top talent.If you have a less-than-adequate career site or it lacks essential elements that can engage candidates and encourage application, it’s likely that you are losing out on top talent. Today, more than half of all candidates are heading to the company’s career site to check out organizational culture , which means if you’re not offering insight into your employment brand, candidates are likely to bounce. Put another way, a career site is where individuals start their individual, self-guided journey from simple awareness of your employment brand to investment in your organization as a candidate. Without ensuring your employment brand is clearly represented, you risk the potential of turning away top talent from self-selecting in the application process.
  3. You have to think for the long-term.Attracting the right talent to your organization is essential for keeping them around. When candidates have the opportunity to understand your culture upfront, they know what you expect from them and what they can expect from you. An effective career site gives potential candidates a window into your culture and reinforces their decision to apply, helping improve the overall quality of candidate and enhancing engagement and retention in your organization for the long haul.

Making your career site a priority

Is investing in a quality career site worth it? Absolutely. And working with a provider that offers expertise in career site development and understanding your organizational culture is essential, too. Developing or expanding a career site that is tailored to your organization and authentically represents your employment brand is a must-have in today’s competitive talent landscape. So don’t overlook its importance to your business. Because when it comes to your career site, you really do get what you pay for.

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