What is Employment Branding?

Telling Your Authentic Story

Every company has two brands—a consumer brand and an employment brand. Your consumer brand tells customers, “here’s why you should buy from us.” Your employment brand tells candidates, “here’s what it’s like to work for us.” Most of what we see every day is consumer branding because this is where most marketing dollars are spent. But smart organizations take care to invest in and grow both brands—leveraging their employment brand as a tool to attract and retain top talent.

At its core, branding is about storytelling. Our job is to share the story of what great looks like at your company, what it’s really like to work there, and why job-seekers should build their careers with you instead of somewhere else. And like any good story, expressing your authentic culture requires many elements. We tell it through a four-part process that begins with uncovering your culture and continues through reinforcing and recognizing your storytellers to retain the talent you need most.