What Does Great Look Like At Your Company?

IBM Talent Acquisition & Optimization helps organizations explore, define and articulate their authentic employment brand. We begin by looking at an organization through the eyes of its employees (and prospective employees), then asking questions about many aspects of company life and culture.

  • Beyond a paycheck and benefits, what are the basic tangible benefits of working here rather than somewhere else?
  • Does the work itself make me feel fulfilled?
  • Am I growing professionally and personally?
  • Do I have time for a life? Or is my work my life?
  • Are there any idiosyncrasies about working here? For instance, things like “you are judged by how early (or late) your car is in the lot,” “we always eat lunch together,” or “Friday afternoons are NOT for meetings,” and so on.
  • Do I get clear expectations and goals set for me, or am I responsible for setting my own definition of success?
  • Do company leaders explain our future vision clearly in a way that aligns me to the company goals and inspires me to act?

These questions and more help us begin to unravel the tangled knot that is organizational culture. Understanding your culture can be the difference between recruiting someone who is an excellent fit and someone who will leave in the first year. It can be the difference between creating an authentic, unique Employee Value Proposition and recycling the same old bland corporate-speak.

As you dig deeper into your culture and your Employee Value Proposition, you should begin to get a sense of how best to answer this question:

What does great look like here?

When you answer this question completely, honestly and accurately, it resonates. A true profile of greatness at your organization should be unique enough to help people decide whether they have what it takes to be great there. After all, aren’t the elements of excellence at your company different than those at other companies? Once a person, internal or external, sees definitions and hears stories of what it takes to be great at work, they can evaluate their fit and realign their actions to match. They may decide that even though they have some great qualities, they are not the ones truly valued in your company.

A clear picture of greatness isn’t conveyed through a few values printed on a poster or webpage. It is a collection of stories and examples from real people we can relate to (or maybe not). These stories will change over time just as our culture, clients and markets change.

Ask yourself about your own company: “What does great look like here?” If the answer comes quickly and goes beyond job descriptions and hardworking clichés, you have the makings of an effective employment brand that will guide employees toward fulfillment and your company toward greatness.