Waypoint Homes - employment branding

How Waypoint Homes is Using Employment Branding and Culture Research to Recruit Top Quality Candidates

As Waypoint Homes®, an innovative real estate company, began to grow, it realized that it needed a more effective recruiting process that would enable it to attract the kind of talent that would flourish in its unique culture. IBM Talent Acquisition & Optimization was selected to help the company attract and recruit candidates that not only had the skills needed, but also matched Waypoint’s unique culture.

IBM Employment Branding’s approach to researching organizational culture uses a combination of secondary data, interviews and focus groups, and a proprietary survey instrument, the IBM Organizational Cultural Insight Survey. From this research, an authentic Employee Value Proposition (EVP) was developed to truly differentiate what it takes to work there.

The EVP is captured in the following six statements:Waypoint Employee Value Proposition

Using the EVP as a foundation for messaging, a cultural discussion guide and an entire career site were developed. The discussion guide is used to help recruiters and managers have more open and honest conversations about the Waypoint Homes culture. Through hands-on training sessions, recruiters have been empowered to understand and reference the true culture of Waypoint—an invaluable asset in finding top talent. And since the new career site now showcases and reinforces the EVP, it has become an essential tool in connecting with candidates and engaging them throughout the candidate experience. View this new career site.

Andrew Bartlow, Vice President of Human Resources at Waypoint confirms that these efforts are paying off: “From IBM, we’re getting candidates with a higher hit ratio. When a candidate is presented, they are much more likely to be hired than they used to be, and they are much more likely to stay with us.”

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