Tip for HR: Creativity Always Wins

Ask any marketer—creativity is king. Creativity has been driving multi-million dollar ad campaigns, impacting product launches and making brands famous for years. Creativity is empowered by technology, making it easier to nourish ideas, creating avenues for minds to network, and building new platforms and tools for individuals to use their talents.

But too often, in today’s tech savvy world, we let creativity take a back seat to technology, especially when it comes to HR. We think technology is going to solve our hiring and retention problems—and we think if we could only find the right technology to do things for us, we would win the talent game.

The truth is, you can have the best technology in the world driving you forward, but without creativity behind it—without a story to tell, a pain point to meet, a way to capture the attention of people—technology simply does not have a purpose. Creativity, on the other hand, serves as the personal side in our lives—and in the lives of candidates and employees. It gives voice, personality and appearance. It connects people to business, to new experiences and even to technology.

Creativity is the secret sauce that marketing has relied upon for decades. But it is also the new and upcoming ingredient for HR. After all, if creativity can help build the brands of billion dollar companies, why can’t it help create billion dollar workforces that produce many times over their investment?

When it comes to HR, companies frequently get hung up on the technology behind the hiring process—the technology behind the application, the networking, the automation, the efficiency, the data. And they forget about the creativity behind it. The perfect recipe includes each element working together—and adding in a much bigger helping of creativity than technology.

So what does history tell us? Some may argue that companies like Apple® succeeded in creating some of the world’s best technology. But where would that technology be without creativity? Steve Jobs did not let technology limitations define his creativity. He imagined—and then he created.

According to Business Insider, Apple ranks sixth in employing the most creative people in the world, with Sanofi, Toyota, Grant Thornton, Qualcomm and FedEx leading the top five positions. And while these companies each have a different purpose and mission, each shares one thing in common—creativity drives their outcomes, technology enables them. So the next time you are tempted to get caught up in the technology loop, stop and think how creativity could help you reimagine your own work. It will change the way you play the game.