Tony Coe

Directs cultural research and oversees a rock-star team of consultants

"Without passion, it's just a paycheck."

Tony Coe, Director of Research and Consulting


Tony serves as Director of Research and Consulting for IBM Employment Branding. Since 2007, he has directed the organizational culture research process, ensuring that the brand, communications plans and creative concepts are supported by solid research from company data, employee interviews, focus groups and surveys. He has worked with clients across multiple industries and geographies to assess their unique organizational cultures, create engaging internal communications and develop authentic employment brands. Prior to his consulting role, Tony practiced employment law for 12 years. As an attorney, he not only litigated various employment law claims, he also conducted numerous seminars and workshops on legal issues, HR practices and organizational teambuilding. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Tony has traveled to more places than you can count, which means he’s garnered a lot of great international stories in his time. One of his best stories is when he lost his passport and laptop in Paris. When he’s not working or traveling—which are usually two sides of the same coin—he enjoys a long bike ride, hike or video game. He also likes spending time reading, exercising or throwing the ball around with his son. Tony’s claim to fame is that his high school records in the 400m and 800m haven’t been beaten in more than 30 years. And while he has no plans of slowing down any time soon, he considers himself one of the most introverted people you’ll ever meet.

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