Kara Zenk


“There's no time like the present."

Kara Zenk,
Digital Strategist Manager


Kara Zenk is the Digital Strategist Manager for IBM Employment Branding. In her role, she works with clients to develop social and digital media strategies and techniques that support their overall recruitment programs. She also manages and oversees all initiatives for growing the IBM Talent Acquisition & Optimization and Employment Branding digital presence, including thought leadership, interactive content and digital strategy across major social channels. Ms. Zenk is passionate about social media and strategic marketing, and has a keen eye for all things design. With a background in graphic design, she incorporates best practices into visual strategy when executing for social media. Prior to her current role, she oversaw advertising and branding initiatives for IBM Smarter Workforce, leading a team of designers. Ms. Zenk holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Minnesota State University-Mankato and has a post-baccalaureate certificate in graphic design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD).

Kara admits she can’t sit in one spot for too long and is always coming up with new ideas to put into action for both work and play. In her spare time, she loves walking and playing with her dogs, and DIY work. She also enjoys showing up her husband, whom she met at an adult kickball league, on how to operate a circular saw. Her favorite places she’s traveled to include Mexico, Jamaica, Canada and Costa Rica. Kara’s favorite food is Drunken noodles and egg rolls—basically all things Thai. She’d most like to be featured in HGTV magazine because she’s a whiz at sewing, painting, crafting and decorating.

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