IBM Employment Branding offers the solutions you need to understand and clearly communicate your authentic organizational culture. From cultural research and analysis to career site development to some of the latest social and digital attraction tools in the marketplace today, we can improve your recruitment and retention efforts to help you create a higher performing workforce. Our offerings can be used individually or combined together to express your employment brand and attract top talent for your business.
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The foundation of your employment brand is culture. Our strategic Culture Solutions feature proprietary research and creative expression to identify your genuine organizational culture. We can help you express that knowledge with a unique employee value proposition, enabling you to attract and keep top talent, manage cultural change and achieve cultural alignment in your organization.

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Your career site is the hub for communicating your employment brand. So our Career Site Solutions offer digital expertise to create an effective career site that authentically conveys your employment brand. Our solution provides career site web audits and competitor analyses, customized site architecture, interactive design content and search engine optimization. We can also integrate career site development with world-class recruitment technology to enhance the overall candidate experience.

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Marketing your employment brand to candidates is just as important as promoting your external brand to consumers. Our Recruitment Marketing Solutions feature a combination of traditional and non-traditional marketing strategies that can help your organization attract active top talent and uncover places for passive candidates to better ensure your recruitment messages are reaching the right outlets.

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Social recruitment is all about providing opportunities for interacting with your internal and external talent communities. Our range of Social Recruitment Solutions can help you create these meaningful connections with top talent through digital and social media, helping your organization attract the right people and drive candidates to your career site.

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Video is one of the most creative and powerful vehicles for showing your authentic culture to current and potential employees. Our Video Solutions feature a wide range of visual approaches and styles to enhance your attraction and recruitment initiatives. From concepting, storyboarding and design to animation, filming, editing and packaging, we can manage and tailor the entire process to meet your needs.