Seeing is Believing: How Video Can Attract Top Talent

If a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine what a video must be worth! It’s true—videos are among the most valuable, flexible tactics in your recruiting tool kit. If you aren’t using them, you should be. And even if you are, there are always plenty of new ideas worth trying.

Just what makes video so powerful? Part of it is simply the nature of the medium. There are other ways to share detailed information, but nothing conveys feeling as well as video. It communicates on a personal, emotional level. This is why video interviewing has become so popular—it’s almost as good as meeting someone in person.

According to Officevibe, 66% of candidates believe interactions with employees are the best way to get insight into a company. Through video, candidates can ‘meet’ your best people, hear their genuine sentiments, and benefit from their experiences without the bother or expense of a site visit. They can see for themselves that what you say is true—and seeing is believing.

But doesn’t making videos require a lot of time and money? Not anymore.

Granted, you won’t achieve cinema-quality results, but this is another interesting thing about the YouTube revolution—viewers no longer expect it. Even major network news programs are airing homemade viewer videos every day. In fact, the rough look may actually work to your advantage. With attracting talent, you are striving for authenticity above all else, and a less polished production often feels more real.

Getting the attention you deserve

In our over-communicated age, video has another advantage for recruiting top talent—people pay attention to it. You will attract more eyeballs when you include video, and create more authentic involvement as well. For instance, trucking industry specialists Randall Reilly have reported that their job posts with videos are viewed 12% more than those without, and have a 34% higher application rate.

Finally, by combining sights, sounds and live action, video allows candidates to experience your culture instead of just reading about it. Share as many facets as you can. Show the workspace with a site tour. Teach candidates about your location with an area tour (Hint: You may not even need to do this yourself; talk to your local Chamber of Commerce or CVB to see what they have available).

A day-in-the-life video paints a picture of what a typical workday might include, and creates a better sense of how it feels to work and live in your culture. A realistic job preview gives a detailed, honest look at the duties associated with a particular position. This richer, clearer picture results in smoother on-boarding and helps prevent unpleasant surprises when new hires start their work.

One more tip—create an outline of what you want and need to cover, but don’t be afraid to go off script. Your people are your best ambassadors. Encourage them to tell your story in their own words. Their candor, their personalities, and their authentic feelings will tell your candidates what they need to know. If that message resonates, you won’t just attract candidates—you’ll attract the candidates who fit. Believe it.

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