Recruitment Marketing Solutions

Helping your company attract top talent and uncover passive candidates with the right marketing strategies

Just as you can market your external brand to raise awareness with consumers, recruitment marketing enables you to raise awareness with prospective employees and attract the right candidates for your company. IBM Recruitment Marketing features a combination of traditional and non-traditional marketing strategies, ensuring your recruitment messages are reaching the right outlets to attract top talent and uncover passive candidates.

Attraction methods

Our Recruitment Marketing solution uses attraction strategies that take into account candidate media consumption—from style to outlet. We offer specific marketing techniques that can help you better connect with candidates and reinforce your organizational story, including recruitment advertising, social media and video.

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Recruitment marketing assessment

To understand the effectiveness of your organization’s recruitment marketing efforts, we offer a recruitment marketing assessment that evaluates your employment brand and recruitment strategy across five areas.

Assessment Areas image

After gaining an understanding of the current state of your recruitment marketing efforts, we can work to identify and implement the specific attraction methods that will help you more fully achieve your recruitment and retention goals. We then can help you gauge and measure the success of your recruitment marketing programs, providing in-depth analytics and metrics to help ensure your investment is well spent.