Ready. Set. Go! Conduct Your Own Social Recruiting Audit

If you’re like most organizations, the thought of using social media for recruiting is still a pretty obscure concept. Even though it’s been around in various forms for more than 20 years, social media is relatively new in the world of recruiting. So where do you begin? A great first step to get started is performing a social recruiting audit—and it’s something you can do yourself.

Conducting an audit can help you identify the areas where your social recruiting strategy is lacking and apply best practices to boost your recruiting effectiveness. It’s also essential in staying competitive—especially when your competitors and candidates alike are highly active on social to connect during the recruiting process.

1) Get Ready: Analyze your social accounts

Start your social recruiting audit by reviewing your existing presence. Consider the following questions:

  • On what channels is your corporate brand present?
  • Do you have any career-specific accounts?
  • Who is your target audience—consumers, candidates or employees? Do they overlap?

Sharing your employer brand on social is a necessity in this candidate- and technology-driven market. According to a recent LinkedIn job seeker trends report, 26 percent of candidates say their top obstacle when researching a company and applying for jobs is not knowing the organization’s employer brand. And with 89 percent of job seekers utilizing social media during their job search, neglecting your social presence can cost you the opportunity to attract top talent.

Remember, you don’t have to create separate career accounts across your entire social presence. The key is to find the right balance between speaking to your employees, customers and candidates. When you understand your employees and your culture, your employees will become your biggest advocates. When your customers understand your business and your employer brand, your biggest fans can become your most dedicated employees.

2) Get Set: Review best practices

Now that you have an understanding of your current social recruiting landscape, it’s time to look for areas of improvement. Start small by identifying where your audience is most active. There are dozens of social media platforms, but it doesn’t mean you have to be present on all of them.

Creating a strong presence on your most valuable platforms will be a more effective use of your efforts and have a greater impact. Identify the unique features on each social channel to help boost your employer brand. For example, creating a careers tab on Facebook highlighting your unique culture and sharing jobs provides the opportunity for fans to learn about working at your organization without ever leaving your page.

Unlike other social channels, your Glassdoor presence exists whether you are actively managing it or not. Claiming your page gives you control of sharing your unique message and the opportunity to use it as an extension of your employer brand. Sharing candid images of employees and corporate events, job openings and candidate-centric messaging can give candidates a glimpse into your environment and show them why they want to work for your company.

3) Get Going! And don’t forget your career site.

With all this knowledge and application, don’t overlook one of the most powerful channels to express your employer brand and promote your social presence. Your career site should include links to your social media channels to allow candidates the opportunity to engage with you. With so many candidates researching companies and their employer brands before applying for jobs, you should be supplying them with as much information as you can about what’s unique about working for you.

A candidate may begin their journey at your career site, but they may continue that journey across your entire online presence. By sharing candidate-centric posts on your social media accounts that drive back to sections of your career site, you are guiding the candidate each step of the way to complete their journey. And you guessed it, your career site should be the anchor of your social recruiting strategy.

So what’s next?

Once you’ve completed your own social audit, it’s time to start making changes. Talk to your employees and share their stories. Learn why they are passionate about coming to work and share that enthusiasm with your social audience. Promote what is great about your culture and opportunities. By sharing your employer brand and engaging with candidates on social media, you are providing information that could help them determine if they are the right fit with your organization.

Learn more best practices for your social channels in our social recruiting eBook.

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