Pep Boys

Organizational culture research and custom career site to attract, connect with and retain top talent

IBM Employment Branding Launches Career Site for Pep Boys Based on Organizational Culture Research
An all-new career site for Pep Boys was recently launched by the IBM Employment Branding team. Pep Boys is the nation’s leading automotive aftermarket service and retail chain, operating more than 7,000 service bays in more than 800 stores and employing approximately 18,500 associates.

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The history: Pep Boys started working with IBM in 2012, using employee assessments. In late 2013, Pep Boys also turned to cultural consultants on the Employment Branding team to study, articulate and shape its organizational culture to attract candidates who would make an impact on the business and who would help the company become an industry-leader in customer service.

The need: Based on the culture research and analysis provided by Employment Branding cultural consultants, Pep Boys wanted to launch an entirely new career site that would help showcase its organizational culture, provide a unique user experience and help enable potential candidates self-select in or out of the hiring process to improve the overall quality of candidate.

The solution: Using the culture research, the Employment Branding creative team designed, developed and launched the new career site in Q2 2014. The new site also features an interactive culture fit tool. By identifying its company culture and shaping the way its story is told, the new Pep Boys career site is an example of how cultural branding and career site development can be a powerful tool to attract, connect with and retain top talent.


Custom Color Palette
Bold colors were selected as part of the Pep Boys Color Palette to express the company’s authentic organizational culture.

brand colors and badge copyPep Boys Employee Value Proposition
The “Built This Way” employee value proposition (EVP) defines who Pep Boys is as an employer and showcases the cultural essence of the organization. The six EVP statements express the company’s internal brand and represent the intersection of rational facts and emotional truths.

Pep Boys Culture and Career Site Creative



EVP Recruitment Pieces
Using the individual employee value proposition breakout statements, recruitment ads were developed to express to potential candidates what it’s like to work at the company. These authentic expressions help attract the right kind of talent to fit the organizational culture.adsall ads2

Custom Career Site
With the cultural research at the core of its strategy, a custom career site was created and launched to showcase what working at Pep Boys is really like. It features the employee value proposition and interactive elements to attract and engage top talent.

Career Site Mock-upCulture Fit Tool
A new interactive culture fit tool was created and developed to engage candidates and help them determine if they can relate to the Pep Boys organizational culture. Included as part of the new career site, the fit tool explains what it’s like to work at the company and shapes the way Pep Boys expresses its company culture.