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IBM Career Decoder

Interactive web-based job fit and preview tool to help candidates understand fit with career opportunities and the unique culture at IBM

IBM Employment Branding Launches Interactive Job Fit Tool for IBM

An all-new interactive web-based job fit and preview tool called the IBM Career Decoder was recently launched by the IBM Employment Branding team to help potential candidates understand their match with in-demand career opportunities and the unique company culture at IBM.

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The history: In 2014, a team of IBM Industrial and Organizational Psychologists turned to the branding expertise of IBM Employment Branding to develop a tool that would help candidates understand their fit within IBM prior to applying. Working collaboratively, the two teams wanted to develop a highly engaging and interactive tool that would help potential candidates recognize their match with in-demand career opportunities, including consulting, seller and developer roles, and reveal the unique culture of IBM.

The need: With the primary purpose of helping potential candidates understand their fit with career opportunities at IBM, the pre-employment assessment tool also needed to help candidates efficiently access IBM recruitment and social media sites most relevant to them. Based on research and collaboration between the teams, the development of a new job fit and job preview tool began that would also allow IBM to understand trending expectations of potential candidates.

The solution: The IBM Employment Branding team designed, developed and launched the IBM Career Decoder in April 2015 as a fast and easy pre-employment assessment. After completing a brief quiz about their interests, candidates receive personalized recruitment content and information to explore what it is like to work at IBM in their top-fitting career opportunities. In addition, the tool links to current job openings so candidates can take the next step and submit an application. Available on mobile devices, the tool is both voluntary and anonymous, and allows IBM to better understand expectations of candidates in looking and applying for jobs.

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