It’s No Surprise! Mobile Recruiting is Here to Stay

In a world that’s filled with mobile devices everywhere you look, it seems obvious that companies would want to optimize mobile technology for their recruitment efforts. But too many companies today have neglected the crucial role that mobile plays in job search and application. In fact, almost 90% of Fortune 500 companies have not optimized their career sites for mobile. If a career site isn’t mobile friendly, there is a much higher chance that candidates will bounce to another site—and that’s something that you just can’t afford. Plus, you have to assume that these numbers will only increase as our dependence on mobile technology grows.

To prove the value of mobile in finding and connecting with top talent, we’ve turned to the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute for some compelling data. We hope the data and infographics we share with you throughout this blog will convince you of the necessity to optimize your mobile recruitment process and make it a top priority for your organization. Let’s start by first looking at how mobile recruitment can impact your employment brand.


You read that correctly. Nearly 60% of respondents indicated that companies are more attractive as employers when they use mobile technology. Talk about expanding your talent pool and positively impacting your reputation as an employer.

What about the types of people who use mobile to apply for jobs? According to recent research from the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute, executive and senior leaders are the most likely to use a mobile device for job search out of any other job level surveyed. That’s big news, especially when it comes to finding and building your leadership pipeline. But consider this. Even the least likely job level to use mobile for search—individual contributors—is still at a whopping 45%. That’s nearly half of all candidates actively searching with their mobile devices.

So what do candidates think about the future of mobile? Well, according to research from the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute, nearly half of all respondents who use mobile for job search expect all companies to use mobile in the future. And their expectations aren’t likely to change anytime soon.


Start looking at recruitment through the lens of mobile

If you’re reading this, it means you have some interest in recruitment and talent acquisition, right? And as sobering as all this data is, it is a good reminder that we must constantly evaluate how effective our mobile recruiting processes are from the candidate perspective. To help guide your mobile optimization efforts, consider the following items:

  • First things first, do you have a mobile friendly career site?
  • If you don’t have a career site, is your corporate website mobile friendly? Your careers section?
  • Have you considered making your applicant tracking system compatible with mobile?
  • Have you invested resources into creating a mobile optimized candidate experience?

If you’re still skeptical, consider that 25% of candidates already use mobile devices to complete the entire job application process—a number that’s sure to increase in the future.


Remember, stepping in the shoes of your candidates is the first step to creating a positive experience on mobile—and can lead to big rewards. Just recently, Google announced an algorithm change that rewards mobile-friendly websites with better positioning, which means more visibility and more traffic for your site. And let’s be honest, the real reward—and your ultimate goal for mobile recruitment—is finding great candidates for your company. 

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