How Recruiters Can Use Your Employee Value Proposition to Attract Top Talent

Now that you’ve created an authentic Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that your company is really proud of, how do you ensure it’s effectively communicated to potential candidates? Multiple digital media are available to convey your EVP, including social media posts, digital ads and career site development—just to name a few. But perhaps just as important are live conversations and discussions that will validate your EVP. And what could be more integral to this than your initial points of contact? Specifically, recruiters are often the very first people that candidates and potential employees interact with in your organization, so it’s essential they are able to articulate it in a genuine and consistent manner.

Making it personal

Candidates should hear more from your recruiters than just reciting your company values or statements that make up your EVP. Instead, share relevant, real-life stories from the EVP to make it very personal and to help your culture resonate with candidates. This means you will have to enable recruiters to intelligently and passionately speak about how your EVP is brought to life.

As part of our EVP solution, we provide ‘train-the-trainer’ sessions as an avenue for effectively enabling your teams. This helps them to understand and embrace the EVP, so when it is time to communicate it themselves, they feel confident and prepared. Recruiters can benefit greatly from attending these sessions. This training is not about providing attendees with a script of what to say—it’s about connecting them with the thoughts and feelings of your organization as a whole, and helping them articulate that in their own way.

The goal of the sessions is to gather stories that reflect each statement in action and describe ‘what great looks like here.’ Stories should arise naturally, but may need a few prompts to help them come to the surface. Customized questions based on the organization’s unique culture help guide the conversation and encourage attendees to share how the EVP is relevant to them.

Providing shareable content

You’ve likely spent a significant amount of time creating a variety of collateral and assets to support your EVP rollout. Disseminating these materials effectively should be given equal attention. Be sure your recruiters are considered in the communication plans and have resources available for questions or other necessary follow up.

Recruiters are usually looking for fresh and new materials to connect with candidates, and will likely benefit from having access to interactive content, like video, to engage with candidates through email or social. With the training provided, your recruiters will be able discuss the EVP effectively in person when interested candidates follow up. Not sure of what content to provide to help them articulate what it’s really like to work for your organization? Just ask them.

Remembering the ultimate goal

When you successfully enable your recruitment team to communicate your culture and employer brand through an EVP, expect great results. Our experience and research shows that when candidates have a good understanding of what it’s really like to work at an organization before they are hired, they tend to stay longer than those who don’t. That’s because they aren’t just great candidates from a qualification standpoint, but fit culturally into your organization. And what company wouldn’t benefit from keeping top talent around even longer?

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