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How Glassdoor Can Help You Attract Candidates

When making the decision to switch jobs, it’s nice to have unbiased information from someone on the inside—better yet, from hundreds or even thousands of people on the inside. That’s exactly why 46% of candidates turn to Glassdoor to review a company before even speaking with a recruiter or hiring manager.

It might sound scary for companies that haven’t uncovered and developed their authentic employer brand. Employee reviews can uncover discrepancies between what an employer is saying and what is actually going on in the organization. Not sure where your organization stacks up? Consider that the average company rating on Glassdoor is a 3.4 out of 5.

It’s important to remember that most candidates aren’t looking for the perfect employee utopia. Most realize that every organization has its strengths and weaknesses—but understanding those strengths and weakness can help candidates determine for themselves if your company would be a good fit.

Here are a few features to help you attract candidates on Glassdoor:

Overview statement

With Glassdoor, you can write your own custom message on your overview page. Many companies instinctively paste their generic company overview statement, but you should consider customizing the message for potential employees. Most, if not all, visitors are looking at your page for reasons to work at your organization rather than reasons to buy from you. Write a tailored message that highlights the benefits of working at your organization and showcases what “great” looks like in your company.


The Glassdoor review feature is like an ongoing employee and candidate survey, but better. You not only get help identifying commonly mentioned pros and cons, but you get the opportunity to respond directly to any reviews. Whether you respond with an in-depth action plan for improving, or a simple “thank you for sharing,” you are encouraging two-way communication and could even be rewarded by Glassdoor with OpenCompany status.


Like many social platforms, Glassdoor offers advertising to help promote your company’s open positions. But what’s unique about Glassdoor advertising is that you can potentially place your ads on competitor profiles and even block your competitors from placing ads on your profile page. Take advantage while you can—many employers haven’t caught onto Glassdoor advertising just yet.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words—and it’s especially helpful for painting a picture of what it’s like to work at your organization. Adding authentic employee photos offers candidates a free peek into your organization with just a few clicks of a mouse. Take advantage of the photo feature to share snapshots of the day-to-day life of employees, sponsored events and unique office spaces to tell your organization’s unique cultural story.

It’s time to take action

Like your employer brand, your Glassdoor profile is there regardless of whether you actually manage it. By claiming and developing your profile, you control your messaging and have access to analytics on your reputation, competitive rankings and more.

Not convinced? Try doing a Google search for your company’s name and the word “jobs” or “careers.” Your Glassdoor profile page will likely rank toward the top of the results. Odds are that if candidates are interested in your company, they will—or already have—visited your Glassdoor profile.