What Happens When They Come Together?

When you combine two things as different as Marketing and HR, there’s no telling what might happen. Conflicting approaches, clashing styles. But when HR and Marketing are equal partners in the same goal, you might just get something completely different—complementary strengths and fresh points of view. New ideas and better ways of putting them into action. We know—we’ve seen it happen.

Unfortunately, most Employment Branding companies don’t work this way. That’s because they are either advertising or marketing companies branching out into HR, or HR technology companies adding solutions for branding. Inevitably, they practice Employment Branding as a function of either HR or Marketing—not both.

We’re different. IBM Employment Branding began nearly a decade ago with the idea that Employment Branding is not HR or Marketing—it is in fact HR and Marketing. It’s the point where they intersect, then interact.

So, what makes us special? We are a team of marketers who have spent years branding solutions to HR and now we are building solutions for HR. Our talented team of marketing professionals is dedicated to a single industry—HR. We built our proprietary methods on the best behavioral science tools and practices in the HR industry. And we integrated it all with world-class IBM infrastructure.

It’s a different idea. A different structure. And it’s all designed to give you dramatically different outcomes.

Want to know more about our solutions? Read more about them to understand our unique approach.


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