Culture Solutions

Helping your company uncover and express an authentic organizational culture

Defining and developing your employment brand starts by uncovering your culture through research. Our strategic Culture Solutions feature proprietary research and creative expression to identify your genuine organizational culture and express an employee value proposition that helps you attract and keep top talent, manage cultural change and achieve cultural alignment in your organization.

Culture Research

As part of our industry-leading Culture Solutions, we conduct primary qualitative research to uncover your authentic organizational culture. We hold one-on-one stakeholder interviews and focus groups with company leaders, long-tenured employees, newer employees and other key individuals to gain insight into your culture and to reveal the emotional truths that exist within your company. This qualitative research gives us the foundation for discovering the underlying elements and beliefs that shape your culture.

The findings of the qualitative research are supported through quantitative and secondary research. Using the IBM Organizational Cultural Insight Survey, we measure your cultural personality using universal archetypes that express cultural traits and dimensions. We also uncover the rational facts in your company using secondary data to explain the benefits of working at your organization. This includes examining existing materials, such as brand research, employee handbooks, corporate websites, annual reports and other investment information, competitor analyses, and other marketing materials.

Our consulting team analyzes this combined data to define your organizational culture and make recommendations for strengthening, building or attaining aspirational goals through culture.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Part of what makes up the expression of your employment brand is the employee value proposition. An EVP represents the intersection of the rational facts and emotional truths in your company. It is the value an employee receives by working at your organization beyond compensation and benefits.

evp diagram

Our offering for EVP development and creative expression helps your company tell its authentic message through organizational culture. Once our primary and secondary research have been completed, and presented to your executive leadership team, we download the research findings to our dedicated in-house creative team. This team then develops a unique EVP for your company through creative messaging and design.

The creative expression of your employee value proposition should be used as the foundation for attracting and keeping top talent. Your EVP should engage current employees by providing a tangible expression of the employee experience. It should also serve as the basis for your company’s attraction methods and be used throughout your recruitment efforts.