Are Your Recruiters Helping or Hurting Your Employer Brand? 3 Tips For a Great Candidate Experience

I was recently chatting with a friend about his application experience to a well-known technology company. He was referred to the company through a close contact and had a phone interview with the company’s own internal recruiter. Although the recruiter called him more than an hour late, my friend felt the call went well—the recruiter said that given his background and that it was a referral, they did not need to go through the entire process together. She mentioned she would reach out by the end of the week to schedule an official interview with the hiring manager.

To my friend’s surprise, the same recruiter called him the very next day and began to ask him the same screening questions—she had completely forgotten that she had already talked with him. Unfortunately, it took almost two months for the official interview to finally get scheduled.

In this particular example, the recruiter seemed overscheduled to the point of utter confusion. So where did the problem arise? Was it just this specific recruiter? Was it the hiring process? The hiring manager? Or was it a mix of all three? Even more important, it makes you wonder whether your own recruiters are representing your organization in the best light to candidates. Put another way, are you providing your recruiters with the right tools, information and expectations to empower them to create an exceptional candidate experience?

Recruiters are often the first point of contact at an organization, so it’s important that they are properly equipped to provide candidates with the best possible experience and articulate your employer brand clearly. To uncover some of the top tips for helping recruiters provide a great candidate experience, we turned to our own recruiters who represent both IBM® and our clients. What they had to say was priceless, so we want to pass their tips onto you.

Here are the top three things to consider when enabling your recruitment team:

1. Help candidates understand why they should want to work at your organization

Candidates often ask recruiters “Why should I want to work there?” or “What makes you different than competitors?” When you spend many of your waking hours at a company, it’s understandable why candidates want to know why they should invest their time and energy into your organization.

Providing information on what it’s like to work at your organization directly on a career site and social channels allows candidates to uncover your company culture independently from recruiters. This allows recruiters to validate this message through conversations with candidates, rather than telling the full cultural story on their own. Providing information like your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) can help recruiters relay the authentic reasons why current talent works at your organization.

2. Explain your hiring process clearly

Recruiters are often bombarded with emails from candidates asking about the status of their application or where they are in the hiring process. Ensuring your organization and your hiring managers have developed a process that answers questions like, “How many interviews will be involved?” “How long is the timeline?” or “How will they receive future communications?” helps recruiters clearly communicate the process from the initial conversations with candidates.

In addition, adding automated tools that integrate directly with an applicant tracking system can effectively communicate the status of candidates’ applications, improve the candidate experience, and help your recruiters spend less time on administrative tasks and focus more on finding the right candidate.

3. Share stories of success

Another common question in the mind of candidates relates to potential advancement opportunities in the future. This may be a tough question for recruiters to answer. After all, they don’t always get to hear how employees have flourished in the organization after they’ve been initially hired. Compiling various employee success stories for recruiters to share is an effective way to help candidates understand the variety of opportunities at your organization.

Recruiters and your employer brand

Understanding the important role that recruiters play in representing your employer brand is the first step to providing an exceptional candidate experience. There are many ways in which you can enable your recruiting team, but starting with these three areas is a great place to start.