Get Lucky in Attracting Great Candidates

3 Things You Can Do to Get Lucky in Attracting Great Candidates

With all the talk of luck over the last few days, I thought I would join in the discussion and explore exactly what you can do to get lucky in attracting top talent to your company. But my take might be just a little different.

I subscribe to the old adage from Louis Pasteur that says luck or ‘fortune favors the prepared mind.’ So let’s take a look at the three core elements that can get you prepared for a great candidate attraction strategy. More specifically, what are the top three things you can do to raise awareness with prospective employees and attract best-fit candidates for your company?

1) Know your brand—and make it known

Your employer brand works in the same way for candidates as your external brand does for customers. It helps shape the way individuals think about your organization and what it is like to work there. It is the expression of who you are as employees and as an organization, and impacts how you deliver upon your mission and values. In an age where information is readily available and we interact with social and collaboration tools, it is important to actively manage your employer brand just as much as your external brand. Developing and expressing a genuine story through your employment brand helps you set the scene in creating a culture that will attract, connect with and retain top talent for your organization.

2) Recruitment marketing is where it’s at

Effective recruitment marketing campaigns leverage the latest attraction tools, featuring a combination of traditional and non-traditional marketing methods that can help your organization attract active top talent and uncover places for passive candidates. When done correctly, recruitment marketing can lower the number of unqualified candidates, while increasing the quality—enhancing the results of your recruitment and retention efforts.

Attraction methods usually fall into one of three categories: awareness, interaction and application. These three types of attraction methods help ensure the strategic execution of your recruitment marketing plan is both diverse and provides candidates with a wide range of opportunities to experience your employment brand.

3) Make your career site the go-to place for candidates

Your career site is one of the primary tools you have to communicate with potential candidates. An effective career site gives potential candidates a window into your culture—allowing them to self-select in or out of the hiring process. It also provides information about your organization and allows candidates to understand what makes your organization unique. This includes articulating possible career paths, day-to-day life, job family descriptions and the company culture.

To help make the greatest impact, your career site should encompass elements that candidates would want to know about your organization. Your career site should explain:

  • Your organizational culture
  • Expectations of top performers
  • Daily responsibilities
  • Growth and advancement resources
  • Career opportunities

By driving candidates to your career site, you can engage, inform and appeal to those individuals who will thrive in your organizational culture, connecting with candidates around the clock who are the right fit for your company.

As Luck May Have It

So, what does luck have to do with any of this? Well, if you’ve got these fundamental strategies down, you might just be surprised with how well your candidate attraction strategies start to work for your company. And when you find yourself attracting just the right fit candidate, you’ll realize it was a stroke of luck worth preparing for.